Brain fog.

One of the worst symptoms of M.E and various mental  health issues for me is the brain fog.  I used to have an iota of intelligence; of written eloquence.  I was reliably articulate.  Now I mentally stutter and stumble through paraphrasia and a mild relative of aphasia.  I literally sit here hitting my head with my hand trying to knock and shake the words back into my Stream of thought.  I know they’re there.  Somewhere. Only for them to disappear again before I can catch them.  It’s so frustrating. I know what I’m trying to say, the definition and meanings but the actual words?  They’re fucking hiding. Words have always played a massive part in who I am.  I have so much more to say yet the words quite literally run away.
(That’s also why I edit a lot.  That and the fact my thumb magically inputs random words in the middle of my sentences)
So if I don’t make sense, now you know why.


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