Hold the cheese.

As always Tiny’s eczema never completely goes.  It nearly goes and then it’ll flare again.  

We’re now on approximately 6.5 weeks into being dairy free and egg free.  Things looked to be improving slightly,  her eczema was still there but not angry.   She was no longer shitting several times every day.  She’s not as wheezy or have constant bogies on her nose.  She even went for two weeks or so without having to wear her scratch sleeves not even at night!

Then it flared. Again.  Not as bad as in the past but very visibly flared all the same.

Yet it calmed in a few days without the need for steroids.

Did the antihistamine help?  Was it coincidence? 

I don’t even know if the eczema in its mildest form is just atopic bad luck shit genes or if there is a mild underlying reaction to something else like soy.  I’m reluctant to cut soy out without knowing though as it’s in everything

I’m also wondering about garlic now as a culprit.

That’s the thing with intolerences or allergies, you’re always wondering if everything is a symptom of something else or a reaction.

Like now. Tiny is  back to shitting several times a day the past few days.  It’s grim and mucus like.  Her poor bum is sore.  She’s cranky.  Is she reacting to something?  Is it teething related?

She’s 11 months now and still toothless; all my babies teeth late.  Yet her gums are so very swollen. 

She had garlic bread the other day.  Dairy and egg free.  Could this be the cause?  She’s had eczema breakouts in the past with cheesy garlic bread so we assumed it was just the cheese.   What if it’s garlic too and possibly onion?

What if.

What if.

What if.

So many what if ‘s.


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