Why am I not sleep? Tiny is asleep next to me yet I still spend 3 hours on my phone aimlessly staring at it.

I could have been hooking.

I should have been sleeping.

Big keeps coughing.  Small is terribly unsettled and Midi hurt her ankle Tuesday evening and spent Wednesday (after a trip to A&E) with Mothership only returning late this afternoon.

It’s hard to believe that next Friday will mark the end of Small’s first year of school and the end of Big’s last year in primary. 

We still haven’t had his SAT results yet.  Not that they matter an iota.  I’m just curious. 

Tiny will be a year old next month.

A year.

That’s terrifying how quickly time is running away from us.

In the past four weeks or so she’s learned to clap, crawl and pull up on things to her feet.  She’s semi-cruising.

She’s still toothless though. 


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