Big went paintballing today for his friends 11th birthday.   I must admit my mummy sense was tingling at the thought.   It doesn’t help that my anxiety is spiked at the moment.  My head was obsessed with the thought that he’d find hogweed. I’m in an irrational state of panic over it’s existence.

I finally got to have a bath this afternoon. Alone.  No Tiny in with me and no Hubz sat on the closed toilet seat with her on his knee hurrying me up.   The cats didn’t come up for a shit and neither did Small. Bonza . 

However, just to ensure I didn’t relax too much, Hubz did spend ten minutes in the garden trying to throw things through the bathroom window.  He’s a nob, obviously.

Meanwhile Small and Middle were playing Ninja Warrior in the garden.  I’m rather glad I wasn’t witnessing that.

Today’s fail?  I started washing my poor tortured hair only to realise I’d bought two conditioners.  Balls.


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