The Chemical reaction (change your baby!)

If there’s one thing that bugs me about nappies it’s the lack of changing them.  Now yes, i prefer cloth but I’ve used disposables on all three (full time on my eldest, for the first ten months on the middle child and for the first eight weeks on the youngest) I genuinley don’t care whether you use them or not.  What I do care about is laziness.  Just because disposables advertise that they can go up to 12 hours it doesn’t mean they should.  This is meant for overnight only when they’re mostly inactive and not drinking as much.  Yet you’d be surprised how many parents stick to this during daytime too unless the child actually poos.  This results in toddlers toddling around with nappies hanging near their knees they’re that full.  Disposables are full of gel crystals, this is where their absorbency comes from.  When your child wee’s the urine causes a chemical reaction with the gel crystals which then expand to hold the urine.  Chemical reactions generally generate heat.  So your child is left walking around with hot swollen chemicals within some papery layers next to their genitalia.  Niiiice.  If you’re not a disposable user you can actually smell the wet chemicals.  Use whatever nappies you like, I don’t care.  Be happy.  But for the love of your child, change the fucking thing ever 3-4 hours or so!  It’s not healthy nor fair to expect them to have a warm dangling pouch of wee filled chemicals between their legs for most of the day.  Think about it, it’s actually gross.


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