Let’s mosh.

The first time I ‘saw’ hubz was in a centre spread of Terrorizer magazine.  My ex best friend was a huge fan of the band and was excitedly showing me the article.  I had  recently broken up with my long term  boyfriend and my eye caught on the vocalist.  ‘Get me…. him!’ I said pointing to the picture.

The first time I met hubz was at a Napalm Death gig that the  aforementioned friend took me and another friend to in his old mini named ‘The Satanic Falcon’ .  I didn’t even like Napalm Death.  We spent most of the night necking strange cocktails whilst drawing all over the friend’s face with eyeliner pencils.


People were entering the pit and coming out minus their noses and such things.  The friend  categorically banned us from entering the pit. I think allowing us to graffiti his face was him distracting us.

We stepped outside for some air and an al fresco ciggie and there be was, hubz, sat alone on the bench having some time out and a cig.  This was the first time I ever met him. 

We were both at difficult places in relationships at that point.  We were both out to just forget for a while.

It was brief.  The men talked.  I tried not to squeal or hurl whilst badly faking sobriety. Other than offering cigs I don’t even think we really spoke.

We didn’t meet again until our first date about seven months later.  That’s a story for another time though with more pvc, alcohol and boobs.


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