Seeing stars

So whilst ‘The Beast’ is on hold until I can order more cream wool I figured I may as well start something else in the meantime.  I made my fourth baby hat and like all the others it’s kind of shit.  Only I could  repeatedly balls up something that is so essentially simple. 

So then I thought I may as well start on the womble’s second blanket. I must have made five or six starting chains whilst attempting different stitches only to have to completely unravel each and every one. Nothing and I mean nothing, was going right.  Just when I’d gained a tiny bit of confidence and was beginning to think ‘Fuck me, I can actually do this crochet malarkey! ‘ it appeared that actually, I can’t.

Frustration burned my eyes, rage stiffened my fingers.  I was at that stage when screaming petulantly and hurling it across the room was seeming like a good idea.

I found one more project.  I attempted to start it four times.  Four times I meticulously counted out the stitches and followed the instructions only for it to fuck up again and again.   This was supposed to be an easy project.  Yet another easy project that I couldn’t sodding do.

Then voila.

It worked. It actually worked.

And I was away!

So here is the very start of what will become a star shaped blanket.  Eventually.  If I don’t commit woolicide along the way.



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