As in I need some.

More  specifically of the DK Style craft cream variety.  I’ve run out.  The blanket of doom is on hold.  Hubz did very kindly go to the only local yarn shop we know of and they sorted him with a substitute but alas it’s whiter than cream and much fluffier than what I need. 

Means I’ll have to order some online now and pay postage.  Meh.

Need to join seven more rows of eight squares together and then join those seven rows to the other three and then finally start on the border. 

I’m twitching just thinking about it. 
It won’t beat me though.  It shall remain a lesson to me and a labour of love for the four year old.


In the meantime with the new unsuitable yarn I attempted hat number three. I actually managed a magic circle this time so no hole at the top. Plus there’s no funky v shape error either. On the downside, I know it’s been a while since I’ve had a newborn but I’m sure they’re bigger than this.


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