Poorly time

The four year old has been a tad off colour for a day or two. Not enough to really stop him in his  tracks at all. Let’s just say he’s had poorly farts. Oh I’m sorry, where you eating? 

This morning he woke up complaining of tummy ache. He often does.  It’s usually a mixture of needing a wee and being hungry after sleeping all night.  As usual he put his clothes on the bed and trotted off to the bathroom for a wee but departed from the norm and declared be wanted to be sick.   He wasn’t sick but chambered back on the bed and randomly fell back asleep,  instantly.   When he finally woke up he threw up some phlegm and we went downstairs to curl up on the sofa together only for him to fall asleep, again!  Every time his sleepy little head rested on my bump I felt womble kick. Either she was trying to say hello or else she’s already jealous of me  sharing my attention!


Although cute watching him doze for several hours it was a bit of a bugger when I needed a wee!

Strangely once he woke up, despite having limited appetite for anything other than Ice pops and him adding to reach request ‘… because I’m poorly!’ He seemed his usual bouncy self!



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