Fourth Birthday!

The now four year old had an unexpectedly good birthday.  Other than the initial disappointment of two of his cousins not coming everything else went to plan. 

We had a lovely morning opening presents and cards then playing. 



By a logistical fluke my mum and brother ended up nowhere near my dad at the long dining table in the restaurant.  This meant my dad got to talk to people, eat and drink without my mum and brother tag teaming having digs at him.  In turn this meant a nicer atmosphere and better blood pressure for me.

My dad seemed  well which was a stark contrast to the picture my mum has been painting of him.

Even our niece turned up which is never a certainty!

The restaurant was busy.  Busiest we’ve ever seen it and for the first time ever they ran out of things on the buffet and failed to replenish them efficiently.   Naturally the things they ran out of included some of the birthday boys favourites.   The usual flawlessly efficient service was delayed too.

The day was beautiful and we had bus tickets for the day, a rarity due to lack of money so after a brief respite at home to drop presents off, play and try and recover from gluttony we set out to a park. 



There’s two parks local. They’re around a 1.5 mile walk each way, uphill on the way home.  It’s fine walking there but the journey home limits the time there.  It’s a struggle home being uphill and everyone is tired.  Worse still if it rains.  Both have one play area unsegregated and if it’s busy then it’s a nightmare. 

So we went further afield.  A lovely Park in Radcliffe that has ducks and two separate play areas for littlies and bigger children as well as grassland and since funky metal dinosaur sculptures. 


It was just the right level of busy, enough people for it not to be empty yet blissfully quiet so you can always see the kids and not have to  helicopter.  I’m not one for just letting them loose, too many parents neglect to parent their kids in parks.  Even the other children were well behaved with no alphas.


I could sit on the benches and just enjoy watching them play, granted I probably spend far too much time behind the lens.






The only downside was they locked the toilets far too early far from ideal when you’re pregnant and busting for a wee with a two bus journey home ahead of you!  Shame on you Bury Council!

Once home a flying visit from an uncle with a cousin doing a present drop, some playing and butties for tea finished off a pretty near perfect day.

When asking the now four year old about his favourite part of the whole day he replied it was having a blue lolly at the park that turned his mouth, teeth and tongue blue!


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