I knew when hubz declared yesterday that he would start painting the other room today (finally) that it wouldn’t happen.  Obviously i’m mystic beth.  His excuse reason? He isn’t in the mood.  Okay then.  Brilliant.  

He’s currently out with Thing One, which means the rest of us are cooped up and bored shitless.  Rather then go somewhere nearer so we all could have gone out, he opted to ‘pop into town’ which is a 5-6 mile round trip and too far for the seven year old.  That was several ages ago.  There’s no ‘popping’ about it.  Obviously i’m happy they’re getting some one on one time as all they seem to do lately is clash and argue BUT sucks be to the rest of us. I know, I know, I’m whining.  

Last night comprised of very little sleep, the three year old was randomly half waking for several hours then went for a wee.  By then I was wide awake as he finally went into a deep sleep.  

Thankfully he’s decided on a shop bought cake.  I used to be one of those Mums that insisted on making a cake yet by the time all the decorations and ingredients have been bought it costs just as much as a bought one and that’s not even doing anything fancy, which is for the best as I’m craft inept.  Then there’s the fact that i despise the oven my parents and brother kindly bought us even more than the old semi-broken one.  Oh and my baking mojo appears to have buggered off, to which hubz is somewhat grateful.

Typically on the week when all our pennies are spoken for (who am I kidding?  That’s every week) the nine year old’s trainers choose to fall apart and need replacing.  This combined with the three year olds birthday tomorrow will all equal yet another school holiday that involves us being cooped up together at home going crazy.

Somebody stop me eating, constantly, please? oooh look biscuits…..


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