Thinking ahead.

I’m only twenty weeks.  Baby isn’t due for ages. We have the three year olds birthday, easter,  my birthday, our anniversary, the summer holidays and hubz birthday all before my due date and then the nine year old and seven year old have their birthdays shortly after.  Yet I’m still thinking about the birth

Well okay, not the birth.  Not even labour really but rather the start of it.

Every other birth my mum has come to babysit, she lives around three miles away.  Even when it was further, she came.

This time, she’s going on holiday.  A holiday she has planned but not booked yet.  A holiday that even after receiving the news I would be giving birth around then she still intends to book. The holiday that will be over my nine year olds birthday despite in the past her promising to be here for birthdays.

She’s still pissed off that I’m pregnant.

So that leaves the inlaws. Like us neither of them drive.  It’s a two bus journey to get here.  They go out during the day, a lot.  A taxi would be expensive and still take a good 20-30 minutes.

My last two labors started fast.

I can’t go to the hospital without hubz.

We have no other family or friends and they’ve only ever been left with  grandparents.

He seems to think everything will be fine but that’s probably down to the fact he most likely hasn’t even thought about it.

All three of my previous labours (two after due date and one before due to blood pressure and severe back and pelvic pain ) started after sweeps.  I do not want inducing and I do believe in they will come when they’re ready but. …. and there’s always a but isn’t there?  I’m thinking of asking or begging really for a sweep before my due date.   It will only be possible If my body is ready to labour anyway so it wouldn’t be forcing anything.  But,  it would give me a chance, if successfull, to have some control over making sure the in laws can get here.  To ensure my three other babies are looked after.

Now to wait another 19 weeks or so and think of the best way to make the mws see the method in my madness. To see that I need this little bit of control. That until I know my kids are looked after I won’t be able to labour anyway.  Hopefully my dodgy mental health will work in my favour here with convincing them.


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