The Willy Shop

The three year old is always chatter at bedtime on a nursery day.  We’ll have done the usual chatter, stories, inhaler etc we’ll be laid in the dark and he just won’t shut up.  Yet it’s so easy to get caught up in the  wonder world that is good thoughts.  Occasionally I’ll have to remind myself and then him that he should be asleep.

Last night a  particular problem was keeping him awake. His willy was just too big apparently.  He laid there asking me if we could go to the willy shop the next day as his willy was far too big so he wanted the willy shop to chop it off and give him a smaller one instead.

I don’t even have a penis yet I was cringing.

Oh well another story to tell his future wife about over dinner one day.  Joking.  Honest. …..


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