Anomaly Scan – 19+5

Yesterday stayed off in with the virtually unheard of task of having to wake the seven and nine year old.   Usually the nine year old wakes early and by the time the three year old and I go downstairs the elder two have already been down there a while.

I’ll admit we may have been running a tad late and the youngest twos feet may not have touched the floor with every step. As always though we still arrived with plenty of time to spare.  I’ll never understand how so many people are  consistently late!

It appeared the Nursery teacher was off and none of the teaching assistants seemed to think about opening the doors until considerably later than usual.

Having clock watched all morning even bothering to put makeup on to kill time it was finally time to collect the youngest early from the school office.

Typically he hated the butty I’d made him. Typically we’d just missed a bus.  Typically we had a chatty old woman sit next to us at the bus stop which immediately transformed my chatty exuberant child into a mute who glued himself to my side.  Undeterred by his obvious discomfort she spent the entire wait trying to talk to him.  Worse, she kept referring to him as a girl.  I could understand when he still had goods gorgeous super long hair but he’s in a boys school uniform, boys coat, boys shoes and I purposefully referred to him several times by his name and as mister/dude!   It happens all the time.  It doesn’t bother him in the slightest.   What does bother him however is random strangers talking to him.

Why do people assume children should  automatically talk to them? And like it?

The bus eventually arrived only to have another old couple try and talk at him.  I know they mean well but ffs I know he’s adorable but leave him alone!

I’d still not heard from hubz who was in Manchester at an interview leaving me with slight panic.  Despite having no details through the post I knew from the past they make your children stay outside with your partner until the end of the scan when they then allow them in to have a peek.  What if he missed the scan? What if they won’t scan me because he’s not there and I have my youngest with me?


The second bus we had to get on had a cantankerous git of a driver followed by another driver who needed her mouth washing out with soap and water.

In a coincidence that was near too uncanny to not have been scripted hubz arrived from the opposite direction at the same time as us.  We had less then right minutes spare to get to the right  department which necessitated a power walk around the outside terrain.  Poor three year old had to be carried. … His wee legs couldn’t keep up. 

Naturally we made it on time yet were still kept waiting nearly half an hour.

At least we just had a scan so no waiting forever at the clinic afterwards.

I’d had poor experiences at this hospital in the past with a stoic, vile sonographer.  Being able to operate and interpret it is only part of the job. They also have a duty v of care aspect so it wouldn’t kill them to at least try and care.

Thankfully this time I had an  amazingly lovely sonographer.  She was approachable, open, friendly, thorough and kept me informed throughout.  It absolutely makes a difference.

It doesn’t matter how many pregnancies and scans you have they never cease to steal my breath.

You don’t even realise you were holding your breath until you see your baby on screen.

So much larger than last time.  Moving, swallowing, growing inside of you.  A whole person.  It’s magic.

Seeing their feet, spine, hands, brain, kidneys and all four chambers of their beating beating heart.  It literally stuns you into awe.

Despite the Mars Bar and Pepsi baby was incredibly chilled, curled up and breech. It took forever for the sonographer to get a facial glimpse to check for cleft palate etc and the glance was so brief there was zero chance of a face picture. 

The sonographer appeared to triple check everything, explaining and pointing out everything and still baby wasn’t shifting. Baby was giving nothing away.

She confirmed my suspicions that like with my first two pregnancies I once again have an anterior placenta. Hence why I’m nearly twenty weeks and barely feel anything. At least I have had one pregnancy with a posterior placenta and got to fully appreciate all the movements.

Finally hubz and the Three year old came in to have a glance.  The sonographer said she was she even from this position if baby had a penis she would have seen it by now yet kept checking anyway then bingo!  Three white lines.  She checked and showed us three times!  Our final baby is a girl!

I had purposely convinced myself it was a boy!  Even now although ecstatically happy I still can’t get used to it….a girl!


The picture isn’t great but they never are due to the fact I’m a fatty 😉 it obscures the clarity.

That means our complete family will comprise of four amazing kids, two boys and two girls!

Unless we need a growth scan later that will be our last ever scan and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer experience.


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