Tonight is the first night in his entire three years, eleven months and two weeks since his birth that my youngest has gone to sleep without asking to breastfeed.

Due to pregnancy hormones my milk started to dry up a few months ago.  About three weeks ago it was virtually none existent yet still be would ask and try.  The past two weeks he would try one suck at bedtime and that’s it.  He knew there was nothing there any more yet he needed the security of me allowing him to try. Of me not saying no despite the fact that for the last few months I’ve disliked it

It looks like my little milk monster is now fully weaned.

I’m sad that our breastfeeding journey is over yet glad that he’s accepted it’s all gone. That it’s been gentle and without tears.  A natural end to our long journey.  I never thought we’d get to nearly four years.

It’s bittersweet.

In four months it starts again with a new Nursling.

But tonight.  Quietly in the dark as he sleeps next to me I shall  celebrate and mourn this extraordinary journey we’ve had.


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