Peter Barlow

Soap operas are supposed to be a socially realistic  representation of normal life featuring both stereotypical and archetypal characterisation.

Taking two of these there’s the bad boys (not to be confused with villains.  Bad boys are  generally good whereas villains are irredeemably bad) and love rats.  Two  entirely different character types yet both appear to be irresistible to some woman.

The bad boys I get. They don’t have to be gorgeous.  They venture around and through the law. They can be unpredictable and volatile.  They’re  challenging, thrilling,  sexy and occasionally absolute wankers. Yet  fundamentally they are redeemable.  An example of this would be Cane Dingle from Emmerdale.  Many woman would totally do him.  Some for a thrill and the sappier ones would be convinced they’re the one who could redeem them.

The love rat is just a serial dirty, cheating twunt who woman appear to dote on and lust after.  Generally woman who could do better.  Way better. Beautiful woman, successful woman, popular woman. 

Take Peter Barlow from Coronation Street. He’s a twunt. He’s not amazingly good looking nor rich and as far as I know he doesn’t have a Mojito flavoured cock. He’s guilty of not just serial cheating but actual Bigamy. He has proven to be incapable of fidelity.  So why do woman keep throwing themselves at him? ! Get some self respect!  You can give terrific head and cook the best meat and two veg ever yet you will not change him.  They will revert to type. It’s what they do.

Even if just looking at them whips your fanny batter up and sets your knickers alight,  he’s still a tit. You know his past. His previous victims are probably your friends, neighbors or even family.  Why would any woman go there? Let alone multiple woman? ! If he’s cheating on someone to be with you he will cheat on you to be with someone else.

I know.  I know.  It’s just a tv programme.  It’s not real.  They’re not real.  Only, the basis of soap operas is to be socially realistic.  These chacters are representative of types of people and situations that occur in real life.

Am I alone in thinking that, track record asside,  Peter Fucking Barlow is an insipid rat-like excuse for a man anyway?  What am I not seeing?!

Yes I’m so bored I’m ranting about tv. Urgh.


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