I don’t like weekends.

How is it the weekend already?  I know I should look forward to the two days out of the entire week when we’re all together but in all honesty it’s just a big clusterfuck of everyone pissing each other off.  We don’t have the money to get the bus anywhere and we don’t drive.  Drivers take for granted the freedom it gives you.  If we had a car we could be at the inlaws within twenty minutes yet without it’s two buses.  With a car you can drive to a park regardless of the weather because you can have spare clothes in the boot and when you’re finished you all bundle back in and you’re home in no time.  For us the park is 1-1.5mile walk and homeward bound it’s all uphill and it will piss it down before you get halfway home.  I know cars aren’t cheap yet neither are bus fares for a family not to mention you’re limited by the bus times and routes.

I’m shattered, so much so I nearly typed shittered. Insomnia visited again last night and sleep didn’t come until 5am and even then it was that trippy half sleep half awake state.  Hubz and I have shifts we play referee for half the day each, he’s got the morning because obviously being a virile male who isn’t pregnant and doesn’t have M.E is utterly exhausting.  I’m now convinced i’m about to drop down dead as I keep getting this acute pain in my chest.  I can’t even referee properly this morning as i’m still ill and can’t shout adequately.

I woke up this morning, like most mornings convinced i’ll eat less and eat better then within twenty minutes I’ve stuffed my face with cake, before breakfast.

The children are simultaneously playing together, annoying each other and attempting to kill each other.

In an attempt to stop arguments over the tv I’ve put Housewives of [insert american place here] on hoping it will thoroughly irritate them and spur them into playing something instead.

I need a bath. As in really.  I am the stinky scarecrow.  I need sleep more though.  I’m an absolute slummy mummy.  Yum.

They’re already asking for lunch, do they really need feeding every day?

And now there’s tears and they’re not even mine.  Surprise, surprise, the wrestling that I told them to stop five times, that they continued to do has ended in tears and I’m failing on the sympathy front.



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