I go through phases on my other Blog, the Bloggy one, of utter enthusiasm and sheer downright losing the will to blog.  It’s such a competitive world out there in the Blogosphere,  Sometimes it seems that no matter what you do or write, you may as well not bother.

Don’t get me wrong many of the top blogs are exactly that, top blogs but others I just don’t get.  I read through some desperate for some substance and yet I can’t find any.  I personally can’t be arsed to read through review after review after review followed by the occasional list of what they bought that day.  When I read a blog I want an insight into the writer, into their world.  I want what I read to make me think or feel, something.  I’m not expecting pulitzer prize worthy stuff here just genuine actual content, something real.  Sometimes it would appear that it’s more about the blogger than the blog, they have a large online presence, their own little cults of worshipers and people follow them because they appear cool or popular not because of what they actually write.

I’ll compare a top blog with a virtual unknown and find either very little distinguishing difference or else find the virtual unknown a lot more interesting!

It seems near impossible to break through, to ‘make it’ at times.  It feels like you’re writing just to yourself.  You fail to go up the ranks, hardly anyone bothers to comment, your stats are stagnant, you barely get a whiff of PR and nobody wants to read what you write.  You feel like a berk.  You convince yourself you can’t write for toffee and that you’re an irritating twunt who everybody hates.  Yet you can’t for the life of you figure out where you’re going wrong.  What’s wrong with what you write?  What’s wrong with who you are? Why does nobody seem to like it/you and more importantly why do you even fucking care?!

You admit to feeling a little jealous at all the cool things people seem to get through their blog, huge ambassadorships with major companies like Cossato or Butlins and the like and you read about others who make enough money from blogging to actually register it as employment.

You can’t seem to get a look in edgeways.  You can’t break into the inner circle.

You contemplate deleting it all.  Everything.  Because what’s the point even if you ignore your lack of page rank, crap domain authority and absence of PR opportunities there’s still the fact that no fucker appears to care about what you write.  Very few share it, hardly anyone comments.  Hell, hardly anyone even reads it.  You’re just another blog in the ocean of blogs.  You try not to care but it’s impossible not to get caught up in the blog posturing and competitiveness.  It’s everywhere.  It’s exhausting feeling not good enough.

Yes it’s petulant and churlish and close to a tantrum but really, why waste the effort?  I’d rather just prattle to myself here, alone, about my everyday life and thoughts where none of the Bloggy stuff matters.  Where i’m writing purely for sanity with no expectation of audience.  Where I can be whiny and annoying and random because it doesn’t matter.  That’s the beauty of a personal Journal versus a public Blog.  You’re not writing to anyone.  There’s no purpose, point or niche.   No judgement.  You’re just you, not a ‘Mummy Blogger’ etc.

So the boring stuff that actually matters, to me, documenting everyday life is here and safe and my opinions, rants and stuff that is written to be hopefully read and/or to incite thoughts/feelings will be kept on the Blog.

Because balance is often the answer to most things, right?  Well that and copious amounts of Gin.




3 thoughts on “Blogapointed.

  1. Brilliant moan Beth! My buddy (Beth from Betty and the Bumps) pointed me here because I had a much less articulate rant to her on the same subject this week! I’ve been blogging for 2 years and within 6 months and then again at 18 months, I nearly quit. Both times it was due to being dishearten by blog land and not being one of the cool kids at the top of the mountain drinking pinocoladas at Butlins. So I stopped reading other blogs, unless they were really good and I felt an affinity with the writer. I focused on writing and creating my own little community. I’m really happy with my Facebook group, which I’ve grown through being genuine and less genuine competitions (because I was disheartened by the numbers!)! As a result, I have some made some lovely friends through it and get a great click rate on posts I share. Twitter is another kettle of fish. It’s where the big fish hangout and apart from my blog mates who I chat with, the effort vs reward is very low and if I spend too long there I lose the will to blog!
    Anyway, I digress, this week I found out I didn’t get picked for the popularity contest I entered. I was GUTTED!! My best mate had to bring me back from blog suicide. She reminded me why I blog 1) I enjoy it 2) It gives me something to do and 3) I am helping people. Might not be hundreds but even 1 should make it worthwhile! She also said she’d be the first to tell me to pack it in if I was trying to make a living from it!
    So, back from the cliff edge and I want to return to my solace a bit more and focus on what makes me happy and write about what I’m interested in. Yes read blogs and comment on what I’m interested in (you lucky thing) but stop getting caught up in the competition – it’s easier said than done though. People say “don’t compare yourself,” “it’s not a competition,” so I keep that in mind when I’m reading other people’s blogs but quickly forget it when I’m like, how are they making a career of this?! How come they’re on TV? Why are they shortlisted? Book deal…C’mon?!
    Did I make a point? I’m unsure, but here to basically say, I’m reading and commenting and liking! Yours Twuntingly xx
    p.s. congratulations on your baby on the way and I think we are sistas from a another mister…I never do any house work. Get a cleaner and concentrate on what makes you happy xx

  2. Oh and the other thing I forgot to say is I don’t actually want to drink pino coladas at butlins. Have you been?! My point there is it’s easy to be like why can’t I do that while forgetting I don’t actually want to go to Butlins – Poor Butlins, getting it in the neck, it more just an example! Anyway, I strive to work with companies that I value and I really want to get freebies and more importantly paid for working with! It’s a lot easier to do a good review then! Right, I WILL SHUT UP NOW 😉 xxx

    • Last time I went to Butlins was 1995 I think? maybe 1993. It’s not so much that I want to go but it would be nice to be offered lol. I really need better contacts to get more bloggy work on my bloggy blog. I’ve actually been journalling online since around 1999 but only started ‘blogging’ in around 2007.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and to comment. I like comments 😉

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