Bad netbook. Naughty netbook.

I’m contemplating throwing my pesky shitty netbook out of the fucking window.

The laptop and our phones effortlessly configured to the new hub for wifi yet for some reason my netbook is refusing to play.  It tells me it’s connected.  It tells me the connection is excellent yet then whenever I try to do anything online it refuses to stating it can’t because it’s not connected? ! So it’s  simultaneously connected yet not connected.  What the hell am I supposed to do with that? ! I’m having withdrawal from The Originals, Arrow and Supernatural not to mention I can’t use my time in bed to update my real blog. My bloggy blog.

Pissed off doesn’t begin to describe my feelings towards it.  I can’t fix it if I don’t know why it’s being a twunt.

I think I’m finally done with this illness.  Well not done as in feeling better but done as in not feeling worse.  I’m only coughing up one lung among the skanky green mucus of doom instead of both lungs and several other vital organs.   It’s a good job too,  whilst blowing my nose for the thousandth time yesterday I knocked my nose stud and it still feels….. wrong.  I swear if I get s bump of doom on it I will cry. Lots.

I’m not even dressed yet which is a huge bonus as it means I’m not having to battle with knickergate again.   I’m even in bed hence me wanting my sodding netbook to work.

I’m 19 weeks pregnant today.  19weeks! Yet still no movement to report and no cutesy nor arty bump pic to share seeing as I’m all flubber and no bump.  In fact the only evidence of pregnancy is my bloody painful pelvis. So no funny or wistful pregnancy memoirs from me. At least not yet.

My eating is out of control.  Again.  A sign of me being off my happy pills.  I just can’t seem to stop.  I know I’m doing it. I hate doing it. Yet still I compulsively stuff my face. It’s like a less bloody self harm. Yet no matter how much I eat I still feel empty.  Because junk food doesn’t fill the soul and it’s my soul that’s really hungry.

I was overweight before pregnancy and I’ve probably gained at least two stone since.  I don’t have scales. Whenever I have some I stand on then obsessive.  Daily.  Several times daily.

Talking of food,  my current craving is lemon cake. When not pregnant I hate lemon flavoured anything.   My pregnancy cravings throughout all my pregnancies tend to be incredibly intense yet lacking in longevity resulting in many of them.  A few weeks ago I was all about tuna then one day. … i just couldn’t even make myself eat a mouthful.  Before that it  was hummus and prior to that taramasalata.


At the moment it’s tomato soup and lemon cake. Not that it stops me eating everything else in the house too.

It’s yet another none  uniform day at school today…. my daughter even wore real clothes instead of attempting to sneak out in dressing up clothes and the nearly ten year old is proudly wearing his Iron Maiden jacket having only just forgiven us for hiding his suit.

I’m feeling a little nervous about the womble. I’d attempt to use the doppler but would only freak out if I couldn’t find anything.  Anomaly scan is next week. I still say it’s definitely a boy.

I should be asleep.  Why am I not asleep?


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