All the little things.

I’m not having a good day.  There’s no major catastrophy just a series of little things that all add up.

This morning was the familiar routine of waking far too early only to spend the next two hours coughing up inhuman toxic nastiness.  Every time I cough or blow my nose I half expect my  internal organs to implode.  Still at least I had the adorable scenery of the small one fast asleep beside me, even if he was hogging my pillows.

At the moment I have one pair of jeans that fit. An attractive over the bump effort.  Obviously they were in the wash so that left the under the bump kind that my flubber can’t keep up so they constantly fall down.  Add to that Crap knickers, none of them fit!  I’m tired of having to pull them back up my arse.

Can you feel my bad mood yet?

The small is at nursery for the morning so I go to curl up on the bed and catch up on what the other half terms my crap programmes.  Only for some unfathomable reason despite my netbook clearly showing it’s has an ‘excellent’ wireless connection to the new shiny super hub it won’t bloody connect to any webpages. At this point my head started to hurt.  Angry bubbles were fizzing at the injustice of it. 

Never crochet when you’re pissed off. You’ll end up having to frog several rounds and  accidentally cutting through a stitch. 

By now it’s time to collect the small so flubber and arse are shoved into some leggings complete with fally down under crackers with the justification that my coat will cover everything up. 

My toe is painfully stuck through a hole in my sock.  The zip on my boots breaks. The bloody kitten knocks over my flowers soaking my none holey sock and my coat. I can’t find any socks. Or the hairbrush.  Luckily I find the scruffy cow’s saviour; one of those plastic hair clips with toothy jaws.

Amazingly I made it to Nursery on time, even with time to spare.

And as he runs out to greet me (though I waited ages for the teacher to call him despite being plainly visible to her) the sun literally comes out.   He always looks so tiny when he first comes out and slowly as we walk home he grows again.  It’s hard to stay grumpy when he’s so exuberant and animated not to mention he came bearing an early mothers day gift.


The streets were empty and we were in no hurry as he walked along walls, hunted for kitties, adopted a stick and showed me his super hero moves.  I love times like this then home for bacon butties.

Yet once home my headache intensified.  I feel teary without knowing why.  The sadness is a weight that beats down upon me.

It’s never just the rainbows.  We must also endure the rain.


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