This is not…

This is not a blog, it’s too personal.
This is not a journal, it’s too public.

I don’t even know what this is really only that somewhere inside I needed it, this place.

I have a blog where I write to be read. It’s there to be found. Tangled amongst the stats, pr requests, ranks, followers and all that blog related headache and jazz such as post whoring and blog pimping. It’s equally fulfilling and utterly disenchating.

I have an old journal which is friends only yet it’s been so many years since I used it I feel unable to return. Too much of that person has disappeared.

So the compromise is here.

Somewhere I can prattle to my hearts content. I spend half of the day conversing with myself in my head anyway so may as well do it here.

I have no points to make. I have nothing notable to day. Some days I’ll update several times and others not at all. I’m unintentionally annoying but this is not an apology. For once I’m being unabashedly me.

I’m neither asking nor expecting you to follow me. But if you’re here anyway. …. hi.


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