There’s a ghost in ma kitchen what am I gonna do?

It’s just gone seven in the morning. The three year old is still asleep next to me and yet I’ve been awake for over an hour. How is this fair? I’m beginning to doubt my status as Human judging by the sheer crap that’s been coughed up and blown out of my nose for the past hour. It’s exhausting. I’ve even paid some bills already this morning. Still, silver lining and all that jazz….. I haven’t been to the loo yet and despite coughing my lungs up my pelvic floor is doing admirably. Yes it’s really come to this. My god, I really am middle aged.

I can hear the 7 & 9 year olds chatting in between their chorus of coughing from their new bunk beds. Well not exactly theirs. …. they’ll be for the 4 & 7 year old but due to illness the overhaul and mass changing of the rooms has ground to a temporary halt.

Consequently my room now resembles a Krypton Factor course. I’ll openly admit I’m a slattern and our house always looks a tip but this is taking the piss even by my low standards.

So, If the kids are chatting in their beds and him indoors is snoring on the sofa. …. Who just moved a chair in the kitchen?!



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